perfect tits? the sequel

A while ago I posted this image of a fantastic pair of perfect titties. Well i think I just found another get pair for you rubs to get your dicks hard to. Take a look at these bad boys you cant even see them and it is hot!

myths and facts about balls

They are a major part of the male body yet they are only talked about in reference to when someone is hit in them with a soccer ball. I am talking ofcourse about our balls. We have not really talked about them before on the S.B. so I thought that I should write about them here.

Firstly they are a lot like the penis in the fact that they come in a lot of different sizes and forms. Some hang low, some are very tight and they are forever constantly changing. For example I know from personal experence that I have never had low hanging balls and shrinkage at the same time however I have big balls and most of the time they hang low.Weather and sex arousal still have an effect on them. In hot weather they hang long, in cold they become compact and tight. However during arousal they hang until they point of cumming and then they become tight. You have probably seen this in porn however you can see it yourself. Next time you have a wank and are about to blow your load have a look at your balls.

This brings me to the my first point of discussion about the balls. Why do they hang down so low? There is the answer that everyone knows which is that it keeps them cool and allows for the development of sperm. This is true but recent research has shown that they may also be like peacock feathers as a literal, ornimental show of your manhood and ability to pass on your genetic seed.

Testicle size in a species also relates to how sexually active the female of the species is. Female chimpanzees are very promiscuous and so the male chimpanzee have huge balls that are ten times the size of gorillas. Human balls are inbetween the two. The reason for this is simple. Bigger balls equals more sperm.

According to studies, the larger a man’s testicles, the more likely he is to stray and cheat. Which may lend credit to the alpha male theory of big balls as a ornimental show of your manhood. I personal think that people judge penis size as a sign of manhood more then they do balls size. When ever i get my cock out i don't think to myself that I hope my balls look big! Its the shaft that you want to look huge.

Having bigger balls does not mean that you are going to have more cum, It just means more sperm. However there have been studies that show watching porn with a girl getting fucked by more then one guy does make you produce more cum. This is thought to be a evolutionary response to the idea of competition.

However if you do happen to have big low hanging balls like myself, do not forget to use them during sex. There have been a large number of surveys showing that birds love it when balls smack against their ass during sex and apparently it can increase the organsm reached by both parties. They also love handing them doing oral.