Where to have Public Sex

When it comes to the taboo, probably the most popular sexual deed is the voyeurism of having sex in public. If you are thinking about doing this then you have to be clever about the location that you choose. You want it to be in a public place but you don't want to be in the middle of the town square (unless that is want you want and in that case this post is probably not for you). The goal is to find a place that feels like you are in public but in fact you are secluded.

The following is a list of places that you could have public sex while decreasing the chance of being arrested for indecent exposure. This is far from definitive so if you have a place or location you like post it in the comments below! Before we start the list there are a few things to talk about, the first is your friend the skirt! Get the girl to wear a short skirt this way you can have sex without actually removing clothing. The second is don't be a douche-bag and choose to have sex in a playground. Think about where you are and who could possibly come across you.

The Beach

This is a great one to start off with. If you live in a place with a long coastline there will likely be a spot of private beach to fuck up a storm. However if you live in a highly populated area you will most likely not be able to get away with sex on the beach (except on some nudist beaches). In this case you can go into the water. As long and your bird isn't jumping up and down too much it will just look like you are embracing and hugging one another from the beach. You can even get creative with underwater blowjobs and the like.

Parked Car

I said parked car! Here at the sex bible we take safety very seriously. Driving while talking causes thousands of accidents a year. Imagine the number that could be caused by blowjobs and fingering. Of course if you can find someone with a limo it is perfectly fine to fuck in the back of it while the car is moving. But if you do not have that sort of budget find a place to park where people are not going to drive or walk straight past the car. Fucking in cars can be a hassel so move the front seat as far back as you can and have the girl sit on your lap facing you and get her to start bouncing. You can move to the back of the car for more room as well. I will write a post on fucking in a car later but for now this should be good enough.


When I say park I do not mean any old oval with a sparse amount of trees. I am talking about a proper one with private wooded areas. Ones with areas that are off the beaten track so that the chances of someone walking in on your are very low. The great thing about this location is well the location. Fucking in nature is amazing and a must. Imagine a warm day, soft grass and a long good fuck.


Another very public yet suitable location to have some public sex is a nightclub. The places are loud, dark and full of drunk people. There will always be a dark corner to work your magic or if you are very discreet you you can fuck at the bar. I had a mate who got a blowjob while on the dancefloor at a club so its not like it doesnt happen. The trick to this however is to not be so drunk that you think you are being subtle when you clearly arent and to also look out for bouncers who will be sure to kick you out straight away.


The last location is a historical favorite, the movie theater. When you go in scout out a place right at the back off to one corner. This will make it less likely that someone will notice. If you are receiving a gobbie from a chick in the front row chances are the rest of the audience will probably see it. Also pick a showing that is boring and in its last week or so. This will make it more likely that you and your girl will get up to things as well as increasing the likelihood that there will only be a hand full of people in the theater.