Would you Do it?

So my question to you guys for today is. Would you do a devils threeway? It doesnt matter if you are a guy or a girl comment and tell us the reasons why or way not. Or what the situation would have to be for you to do one. I personally do not think i would just do one out of nowhere. Firstly the girl would have to be totally and completely up for it and into it, pretty much the facilitator of the whole thing! Secondly I think i would have to know the guy that was going to be there too. I am fine when it comes to nudity around friends (you just have to ask jazzer about that) but if the guy was a stranger i would be a little freaked out. Thats not to say that i mind being naked in front of a guy, i do that all the time in the gym showers but when erections come in to play its a whole other ball game.

Also what are your thoughts on eye contact? Should the two guys just avoid acknowledged that the other is there? I think that is enough questions and lets see where you take it!