Manscaping: the trim

I have written two articles so far on manscaping. The first was on the over grown style and last week I wrote about the complete shave. This week it is the style in between these two that I will write about. The classic trim. Which has to be the very first style that everyone ever trys.

This style is great for anyone who want to get there cock and balls looking a whole lot better without going though a lot of effort. All you need is a pair of scissors a little care or maybe something a little bit safer. The best thing about this style is how easy and fast it is so do. In less than a minute you can complete this style.

The downsides to it are,
  • you have to do it often to keep it at a short length
  • it can be a bit dangerous if you are going to use sicssors, the best thing is a body groomer
  • at a certain length it can be prickly and can be uncomfortable during sex.

If you do not want to commit to the complete shave but you still want to be neat down there then this is the style for you! Stay tuned for more styles now that we have covered the three basics.