The young man and the older woman is a motif that echos throughout the history of literature. It was films such as 'The Graduate' that lead me on a misson, nay a quest to find a woman of more years and not a girl. This journey did not end as i was hoping (rough sex) but it was not just disappointment. It all happened last Saturday. I was out at the clubs and a friend (not Jazzer) and I found ourselves drinking a the newest/hippest place in town, discussing of all things... sex.

Eventually the conversation developed and a plan for the night began to emerge. Double penetration with a Milf/Cougar. Three jugs of cheap beer later we were off 'Cougar Hunting' and it wasn't long before we were in the company of a very attractive older woman. We all got to chatting and fondling in the back of the club; the plan could not have been going better. It was all too good to be true and then everything went wrong.

One of the downside of going after a mature woman is that sometimes they have children that get in the way. This woman was no exception, she got a phone call just before we were going to go to a hotel telling her that her babysitter was sick and she had to go home. That was the end of my night, and the end of my almost fulfilled dream to fuck a milf.

So why write an article about almost fucking a woman? well I wanted to look at the reasons why I wanted to have sex with an older women and these are the pros that I came up with;
  • They fucking know what they are doing they have 'been around the cock' so to speak.
  • They are horny and want sex.
  • And last of all they are not looking for anything serious, just pleasure.

I like the last reason, why do people always feel that they have to getting into relationships why cant we just fuck for fun! I think that is a a good point to end on until next time.