Nude Beaches 2

I wrote a post a while ago talking about how much I would like to go to a nude beach. Well I have have now final ticked skinny dipping in the ocean off my list of things to do and some (A list that i am sure Jazzer and I will post on this website some day). Jazzer and myself were drinking and talking about shit on the way back from the bottle shop and we came across a driving range near my house. One spur of the moment decision later and we were running a lap of the range nude (It was night time so there was no one on the range). I have to say if you have never tried this before it is a must. The feeling of the wind is amazing however their are some down sides to it as well.

I live in the warm climate of Australia so shrinkage is not an issue (even at night). You may say that is great however I am a show-er and have low hanging balls so you can imagine that running with your junk like is can bounce around a lot. At the time this wasn't bad however after I got my kit back on, I started to feel that deep pain in my balls that just doesn't go away. If I had, had the shrinkage I doubt i would have had this problem. Other than that it was pretty awesome and I have to say I owned Jazzer in the 100m sprint we had at the end.

After the nude running we went back to mine and drank, ate and played video games (I know we are pretty hardcore). It got to about one o'clock in the morning and and we decided to put the controllers down and go walk to the beach (A benefit of living so close to it). We drank on the way their and by the time we got down we only had two drinks left each. As usual when drunk I was the first to get nude and I ran off into the ocean. I have to say standing it waist high water nude at night while there was so many stars out was pretty amazing. With a beer can in hand I sat now in the water and took it all in. It was at this point that Jazzer and his show off foot long came bounding in to the water and we finished our beers in nude company of one another.

I have to interject here that as gay as this scenario may sound it was pretty awesome and did not at all seem gay in any way. However that is probably because Jazzer and myself are good friends and comfortable with our cocks out in front of each other. Jazzer then walked back out to get another beer and i had another swim. I have to say that swimming nude is completely different from doing it with a bathing suit on. You become so conscious of the water around your cock and balls and it feels amazing. I then walked out of the water and had to pull off the piece of seaweed that have wrapped around my penis while swimming.

I will defiently go out skinny dipping again however next time ill be sure to take a girl out so long as it does not end the same way as Jaws.