Your statistical guide to Boobies!

Everyone loves a good pair of breasts but here at thesexbible we like to go beyond the cliches and have a look that the more intresting and less talked about aspects of a topic. So what do the stats say when it comes to the boobies? Well according to the infomation that I could find 2% of women in America are cup size AA, 15% are size A, 44% are size B, 28% are size C, 10% are size D and lastly 1% of American women are cup size E. From this we can see that 72% of American women are either cup size B or C. The image below is of Cup sizes A, B and C. What I want you to see is it doesn't really matter what size they are, its all about how they look!

For thoses men who still do not get the sizes think of it this way. B cup size is the ametur porn size, C is your perfect pornstar size and D is your big titty porn. So now we know all about the disrobution of breast sizes and what those corresponed to in terms of porn we can now move on to some more intresting statistics. We all know the debate of natural vs. Fake breasts and from the genral discourse it sounds like every second women has them however this is not the case in fact the total nber of women in America with fakes is two million, however with 250,000 going under the knife ever year that number is climbing rapidly.

More statistics on fake tits;
  • the majority of women that get fake breasts increase by two cup sizes.
  • the average age of women having the op is 34
  • 6% of women that have an op will have another to change there size again or change it back to there original size.