Your guide to BJ positions

Everyone loves a good blowjob so i thought i would write my next blog post about them. I realised that while vaginal and anal sex positions where covered pretty well not many people think about different ways that they can give head. I start with the most conventional at first and then move on to more and more imaginative and arousing positions.

Standing To Attention

This position has a few variants such as the man siting down or the women squatting instead of kneeing however it is your basic in the alley way of a nightclub fellatio. The benefit of this position is that it makes any girl bring out their inner porn star it is also a ready to go blowjob, where ever you are all you need to do is unzip, pull your junk out and let the magic start.

Tips for the guy,
  • You are on hair duty, seeming as you are the one that has nothing else to do and is receiving all the pleasure it isn't much to ask for you to stop her hair getting in the way
Tips for the Girl,

  • If you're not wildly aroused, drunk, or wearing hockey pads you may want to try this on a thick carpet or cushion.
  • Make eye contact with your male partner.
  • Make sure breast are visible for great view.
The Backseat Job

Let me state that i do not condone drive while under the influence of getting a blowjob, if people cant drive and talk without crashing i have no idea how you could do while cumming. That been said if you are the adventurous type and you up for a little 'dogging' then this will do the job (no pun intented). It can be used anywhere the backseat of a car, in a dark movie theater, on the back of a bus and even (as radical as it sounds) in the privacy of your own home with the blinds drawn shut.

Tips for the guy,

  • Your in the perfect position to give her pleasure so return the favour. You can easily finger her pussy or play with her clit.
  • Also keep a watch on the hair.
Tips for the girl,
  • The girl has to be careful about the angle and speed at which she engages the cock because she can strain her neck doing the position
  • To stop this twist her body so she is square with the cock and let the sexy time begin.
The Face Fucker
Recently in the world of porn the 'brutal blowjob' has become rather popular and because of this many want to take this style into their bedroom. If you have a girl that the okay with doing this then all i can say is 'You son of a bitch, why are you so lucky?'. However many women are hesitant for good reason (I would never let anyone do this to me it look so painful) so like any thing else you have to start small and slow and then progress from there. The difference with this style of blowjob is that it is the man who is in control of all aspects of the blowjob.

Tips for the guy,
  • Go easy on her if its your first time doing this together
  • you still have your hands which you can put on her or depending on the variant you choose to do it in you can also finger her pussy or ass.
  • Hair should be a problem in this one.
Tips for the girl,
  • Just lay down, relax and hold on for your life.
  • A good position to put your hands is on the back of the mans thighs.
  • Good luck.
The Lazyboy

This has got to be one of the most laid back sex positions of all time (for the man anyway). All you will have to do is lay down in on a comfy bed in your birthday suit while you get serviced. Even for the girl it can be rather comfy and relaxed. This is also a rather arousing and intimate position (Although to be honest its not like the last three weren't).

Tips for the guy,
  • Just lay there and think of rainbows and unicorns without a care in the world.
Tips for the girl,

  • This is one of the best positions for eye contact with your partner so don't forget that.
  • Also there is no way in this position (short of the man sitting up and that's not going to happen) for the guy do give you a little 'something something'. However that does not stop you from doing it.
Two Heads Are Better Than One

From my experience in the real world commencing a threesome can be a little tricky but from my experience of pornographic material it can also be very, very rewarding. This is not so much a position as it is the just the group dynamic, although to ensure all parties are been talking care of the best way to do it is for the man to say stationary (be it sitting, standing for laying down) and then the two women can take it in turns is suck on your member. Unless you have been blessed with good genes, then in that case the women don't have to wait and they can both go to town on you at the same time.

Tips for the guys,
  • Your the peace keeper here you have to make sure everyone is happy and gets a fair share. You have to make sure you are not neglecting one of the girls.
  • Pleasure the girls two don't forget you have two hands, one for each girl!
Tips for the girls,
  • Eye contact with the man and the other girl is important.
  • make sure you don't hog the cock for a long time.
  • If the over girl is sucking on his dick then you can suck on it lower down the shaft or you can also suck on his balls.
The Upside Down

Okay let my point out that this is the most dangerous of the positions on the list. The last thing you want to be doing is talking your unconscious naked girl to the emergency room and have to explain why she was upside down three feet in the air sucking on your erect cock which you are covering with the old magazines in the hospital waiting room. If you can't squat your partners weight don't try this or at least do it kneeling. The difference about this position is that it is a variant on the 69 therefore you and go to town on her pussy while she works on your shaft. Another thing to do with safety is that when the girl is upside down the blood will rush to her head so do not do this for prolonged amounts of time, brake it up with something else.

Tips for the guy,
  • Make sure that you have a good grip if at any point you feel you are going to drop her, tell the girl and i guess try and not drop her.
  • Also remember the pussy.
Tips for the girl,
  • If your doing this position i doubt that you did physics in high school so I'll give you a quick lesson. The closer your center of mass is to mans center of mass the easier it is for him to hold you up so like in the picture above put your legs pass his head to balance the rest of you weight out.
  • If you feel he is going to drop you stop sucking his cock and then hold on tight around his ass and hopefully if he does drop you your legs will spin around and you will not land on your head.
  • Tie your hair back so it doesn't get in the way.
Sharing Is CaringSo its a Friday night your at the clubs with a friend but the talent there isn't up to standards so you and a mate decide to share a girl between you. The good thing about this is instead of that dirty talk you and your friend can talk sport, cars, politics anything you want while getting your BJ and handjobs. If you are more sexually open (aka you don't mine that your cock is rubbing against your mates) and if the girl is willing you can have a go a getting both cocks in her mouth at the same time.

Tips for the guys,
  • make sure that you are not hogging up all the BJ time to yourself, that would be the ultimate cock block.
  • What ever you do when it comes to cumming make sure you do not hit the other guy, little bit is okay but nothing of volume.
  • Do not forget about the girl remember to finger her and although this blog entry is about blowjobs there is the option of fucking as well while your mate gets head (I'll write about double penetration later).
Tips for the girl,
  • Make sure that you spend the same amount of time on both shafts.
  • If your blowing one guy give the other a handjob.
The Swingers Blowjob
And last but not least the group sex blowjob. The good thing about this dynamic is that you can do everything if you want your cock sucked but your girl in any of the positions you can, if you want to have your cock worked over by two girls at once you can all you have to do is ask your mate for a favour or if you want one girl to blow and suck you and your mate you can. It the magic of group sex. But the best think about this is you can do what every guy has wanted to do since the begining of time and that is high five a mate while getting head.
Tips for the guys and girls,
  • I think i have written enough tips all i want now is a cold beer and a blowjob and a boat.