Shower Rooms

I have to say that in my youth i didnt really like the idea of shower rooms. Proberly because i was shy about getting nude in front of others however over time i have grown to use them at my local gym, even like them. My expereince with them started in high school when i was in year 10. Myself and three other friends where on a school outdoor education camp and the only showers avalible was the typical open plan cube with shower heads on the wall. At first we would not dare to go nude however on the second or third day some one gave in and in typical peer pressure style the rest followed suit. As gay as it may sound that was the funniest shower i have ever had!

I think that everyone who has had the same experience would agree (at least males anyway), that as soon as you mix mates and nudity there is male bonding and i am trying to type this as serious as possible. I mean this in a totally none sexual way. In that orginal showering eperience that went on for a few hours many jokes where made (many of them about penis) aswell as the normal guy talk about sports and girl. In the years that followed we would have group showers at school and they where alway memorable. Scince then I have continued to have nude showers at my gym because there is nothing better then a shower after a long workout.

I have to say that recently i have seen that this is a dying act, with traditional shower rooms being replaced with cubicles and i have to say that it is something that i hope will never completely go away. To all those people who have never done it i would strongly suggest you give it a go.