Why make this somewhat silly website?

Hello and welcome to the very start of an epic adventure into the wonderful world of sex, nudity and everything else that is taboo in society. I say that because this is a website the majority of readers, both female and male will visit in secret for the sexual warm fuzzies and erotic pleasures it will hopefully provide.

So as the title of the blog post states 'why make this somewhat silly website?'. Well there are a number of reasons but the major one is that I have not found a blog or website that provided what I wanted when it came to the subject of sex, so I decided I could either masturbate or make this website and provide the type of website I was looking for. A prefect mixture of humour, porn, topical posts and infomational pieces. This is the first post and ofcourse the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray however I have the experience of making many a blog that has failed and from it I have gained some important knowledge on the do's and Dont's of blogging.

The name stems from a blog that myself and a good friend started however we lacked direction in our blog and it quickly floundered into obscurity. Jazzer (the friend mentioned in the previous sentence) may in fact make a few blog entries from time to time so we will just have to wait and see how things pan out. I would also like to take advantage of this first blog entry and state that this blog is written by men and may unintentionally be more directed at other men in terms of subject matter (for example a lot of cock talk). However there should be something for everyone and who knows in the future we may have someone of the opposite sex that would like to write for our modest and humble blog.

So what can you expect of this blog and is it right for you. Well if you like the premise of databases then you may like this site; if you like boobs or penis then you may like this blog; if you like sex and all the various style and positions that it comes in then you may infact like this blog. In short if you want to read about human being being naked and doing various acts with a running commentry then this is the site for you and i hope that you continue to read all future posts.